Monday, June 9, 2008

~*A Day in Spokane*~

Yesterday some friends and I went across the border for a fun day of exploring in Spokane, Washington. Spokane is about as "big city" as you can get around here, and it was a fun day. Our first stop once we crossed the border was Manito Park. This city park covers 90-acres and is filled with beautiful gardens. The first garden we came to is the Japanese Garden.

The Japanese Garden has a koi pond and a pretty waterfall. . .and this awesome bridge. It looked like it would be a very relaxing garden to sit in and read a book. :-)

Next we visited the Rose Garden, which was also home to some beautiful irises and a mix of other beautiful flowers. I thought the irises were
beautiful. Irises are one of my favorite flowers.
My favorite garden was the Lilac Garden. Spokane is called the Lilac City, and this garden honors that name. Walking through the garden was like walking through paradise. The smell was amazing, and I could have stood there inhaling the fragrance for hours. Yes, lilacs are also one of my favorite flowers! Perhaps they top the list, followed by tulips and irises and, of course, roses.

After we explored all the gardens at Manito Park we headed over to Riverfront Park, home of the 1974 World Fair & Expo. The park is right on Spokane Falls, which are amazing, even more amazing that the falls I saw in Post Falls, Idaho. We rode a gondola over the falls, which was pretty cool!

After exploring Riverfront Park we headed across the street to the mall, which, I am pleased to say, is a multi-story mall (something we are not fortunate enough to have here in CdA!). We explored the mall for a little while, and even saw a large display there for Phantom of the Opera, which will be on tour in Spokane in October. They had some of the costumes on display and they are truly amazing. I am now even more excited about going to the show!!

After dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory (yum!), we headed back home, tired but full of memories. . .and looking forward to our next adventures, whatever they may be.

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