Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Great Is Our God?!

I sat in a friend's hot tub last night, staring up at the stars. It was one of those perfect nights for star-gazing - the air was crisp, the sky clear. The stars twinkled. After awhile my gazing was rewarded with a shooting star that streaked its way across the sky. I was thinking about a few things, but one thing that was going through my mind was "how GREAT is our God!" I mean really....looking at those amazing and magnificent stars....yeah. Gets me every time.

Thank you, Lord, for clear starry nights.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photography: Headshots!

I recently had the opportunity to take headshots for a friend of mine that she is going to use for a local theatre audition. I had a lot of fun practicing my headshot skills!



Monday, March 12, 2012

Engaged: Tim & Cassie

I've been fortunate enough to be pretty close to my paternal cousins for most of my life. Since we moved to Idaho, we've lived only a few hours away from each other, which has been really nice.

I've been teasing my cousin Tim for several years now that he would probably be the first cousin to tie the knot. Well, whaddya know? I was right! Tim met a girl at college (I predicted that one, too...) and the rest is history.

Tim and his super-awesome fiance, Cassie (who, I am sure, is going to be a great addition to the family!) were nice enough to come up one Saturday and let me take engagement pictures for them. We came close to freezing our toes off, but we sure got some fun shots! 

They said I could share some of the pictures with you, so here are a few:

Cassie and I made that chalkboard out of a wooden frame and some foam board. We MADE it, people. We were pretty pleased with ourselves. She gets all the credit for the idea. I couldn't find a chalkboard anywhere so was abandoning the concept of cool chalkboard save-the-dates. :)

I had to include the shoe picture because I really like it, and because Tim just doesn't understand why anyone would want to take pictures of shoes...... :)

Enough of the ambiguous shots....I'm sure you want to see the happy couple....right?

No, Cassie is not short. My cousin is just TALL! 
I feel like he has grown an extra inch every time I see him.

By the end of it, we were all pretty tired.......

Congratulations, Tim & Cassie! Thanks for letting me spend a few hours with you!

Books Read in February 2012

I again kept a list in February of the books I read. I didn't read as many, but that's okay!

1. Take One (Karen Kingsbury) - 323 p.
2. Take Two (Karen Kingsbury) - 298 p.
3. Take Three (Karen Kingsbury) - 311 p.
4. Take Four (Karen Kingsbury) - 352 p.
5. Leaving (Karen Kingsbury) - 509 p. (this was a Large Print book, thus the high number of pages!)
6. Through My Eyes (Tim Tebow) - 257 p.

That's a whopping 2,050 pages in February....and 4,628 pages in 2012. Not bad for two months into the year. :)

I do want to comment on one of the books I read in February: Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow. I chose to read this book for a couple of reasons, one being that Tebow-mania has swept the nation and I wanted to find out what the excitement was all about (without having to watch a football game), and partly because I heard through the grapevine that his book was a really good read. After reading it, I would have to agree. I now have a deeper respect and appreciation for the person that is Tim Tebow (and I may or may not start watching Broncos games when they are on TV next fall....haha!). The guy is genuine. The guy is real. And the guy likes country music and his dog. I was very impressed with his faith and his humility. His parents promised God that if He gave them another child they would raise him to be a preacher, and they have fulfilled that promise. Tim is a great witness and I'm sure as he continues to become more popular he will have more and more opportunities to be a preacher and a witness both on and off the field. Plus his book was very well written, engaging and personal. If you get a chance, read it.