Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Reviews: Fireproof


There are some movies that fall into the "okay" category, some that fall into the "worth watching again" category, still others that fall into the "worth owning" category, and some movies are movies that "should be seen by everyone at least once." I think that Fireproof falls into the last category. All I could say, as I wiped away tears, at the end of the movie was "wow, that was a good movie." I am willing to put it pretty near the top of my list of favorite movies, and I just might buy it once it comes out on DVD.

If you saw Facing the Giants a year or so ago you might recognize some of the actors because Fireproof was, indeed, put out by the same church in Georgia that put on Facing the Giants. This time, though, instead of just using church members, they also brought in Kirk Cameron, of Left Behind fame, to play Caleb Holt, a firefighter whose marriage is failing. Caleb believes it is his wife, Catherine (played by Erin Bethea)'s fault, and she believes it is Caleb's fault.

While Catherine is working on divorce papers, Caleb's father sends him a handwritten journal of sorts entitled The Love Dare which encourages him to spend the next 40-days trying to win back his wife. Each day has a different task, which Caleb tries to do, but Catherine does not seem to care or be responding. Caleb is discouraged, but with encouragement from his dad he continues to try the love dare. How does it end? You'll have to watch the movie to find out, but let's just say that it had four girls sitting in the theater crying.

For a lower-budget production, Fireproof is excellent. The movie is almost as good of quality as most Hollywood movies nowadays, and if the small church in Georgia keeps it up, they will soon be having movies right up there with the top movies from Hollywood.

I would highly recommend Fireproof to everyone. Go see it. If you are married, see if it changes your life and marriage at all, and for the rest of us, those who want to get married someday, see if it gives you something to think about that might help your marriage someday.

Now. . .go see Fireproof -- Now!!

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