Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This is what our thermometer showed when I checked it a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure the temperature has since dropped as the wind is howling outside and looking on the internet I see that the windchill is at about -5.

Yes, it's cold.

I am curled up under my down comforter (I finally gave in and put it on my bed this morning after freezing last night! I wanted to wait until it actually got cold to use it!), trying to stay warm. It's so cold that the dogs don't even want to go outside. When they are taken outside they just stand there staring, wondering why they have to go out in such conditions.

My work was supposed to have a Christmas party tonight. It was postponed because my boss didn't want all of us out on the roads late at night. They were predicting white-out conditions with blowing snow earlier -- I wouldn't be at all surprised if the prairie was a mess with the wind and the snow.

At this point, all I can say is brrrrr. You know it is cold when the predicted high for the next few days is about 5-degrees or less, and the predicted lows for the next three days range from -6 to -14 (with windchill, of course, making it seem much colder).

I am *seriously* contemplating skipping church and staying in my warm house tomorrow. . .

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