Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moose on the Loose!

We had a visitor this last week! We came home from running errands to discover this big ol' moose in our front yard eating branches from one of our trees. We have lots of deer in the neighborhood, but not usually moose! This one stayed there for quite awhile, and then proceeded to walk through our front yard -- at one point being about 10 feet from the living room window! It was amazing!I named the moose Bart (first name that came to mind, and it seemed to fit him), but my dad later informed me that the moose is most likely a female. . .so I don't know what to call her if she comes back. :-) Anyway, it was quite exciting to have a moose on the loose in our yard!

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  1. It sure was! And I love your new spring background. We've seen robins, so maybe spring really will come before too long.


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