Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rascal Flatts - Things That Matter

Around Christmastime I said that I was going to use some of my Christmas money to buy some CDs. I bought Josh Turner's Everything is Fine and Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts right after Christmas. . .and I have been waiting ever since to get the third CD I wanted. :) See, right around that time I heard that Rascal Flatts was coming out with a new album in April. So, ever since Christmastime I have had money set aside and I have been waiting for today so I could buy that new album. Yes, Unstoppable came out today, and yes, I stopped by Target and bought it (because they had it on sale since it was a brand-new album).

I like Rascal Flatts because they not only usually have some fun songs on their albums. . .but they also usually have some songs that are really good lyrically. For example, My Wish is one of my favorite songs. And they have other good ones, like He Ain't The Leaving Kind. And there's more. . .

Of course I started listening to the new album tonight (although I have to wait until my mom comes home with the laptop to put it on my mp3 player), and while yes, there is a song or two I don't care for so much, one of the songs jumped out at me - especially the last verse. I think it's kind of cool, and I thought I'd share it with you. . .I really like the part that I put in purple. :)

Things That Matter
Rascal Flatts

Sometimes he lets that boss get in his head
He can’t see past that mountain of deadlines on his desk
5oclock he’s that last one out of the gate
And he gets cut off flipped off ticked off out on the interstate
And he wonders why this world won’t leave him alone
Till he hears that little voice holler “daddy’s home”
Things that matter
Things that don’t

She’s held on to that grudge all her life
Had thirty years of anger
Since her dad walked out that night
She thinks of all the moments that he's missed
All the birthdays ballets first dates
That seems too much to forget
She gets that call that said he don’t have long
She walks in
He starts crying
The past is gone
Things that matter
Things that don’t

Time ain’t on my side
Don’t want to leave this world
With why didn’t I?
Why didn’t I?
Yeah why didn’t I?

Sometimes I take on this world by myself
Thinking I got all the answers
Don’t need anybody’s help
Well God was right there waiting for me all along
To fall down on my knees surrender all

Things that matter
Things that don’t
Things that matter
Things that don’t

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