Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 365: Days 82 - 90

Okay, I'm playing catch-up. I admit, I missed quite awhile of Project 365. The good news is, I do have pictures for most of those days. However, I will say that most of them were taken on my cell phone camera, which is not that great. So I apologize for poor quality. :) I had stuck my little camera in a coat pocket, and didn't need to wear that coat (thanks to a bit more mild of weather), so couldn't remember where it was, and my cell phone was all I had on me at the time.

Also, I did not have any pictures from March 19-22, and rather than dig through pictures looking for old ones, I have decided to just skip those days. Hope that's okay....I'll do my best to stay more on top of it from now on. :)

So here's what I've been leading up to:

Day 82:
I went to one of our new local self-serve frozen yogurt shops with friends, and then we went to a friend's house to watch American Idol. Fun times! :)

Day 83:
I wanted to show you how my bridesmaid flowers from Aley's wedding were holding up. They were beginning to look pitiful...but I couldn't part with them yet. :)

Day 84:
The local college does really neat 3-D art every spring. The graphic design students put it together. I liked this giant Green Eggs & Ham artwork. I will try to get pictures of some of the other projects soon....they are impressive every year. :)

Day 85:
Here's a much better picture of those bridesmaid flowers. As you can see, they were beginning to wilt. I wanted to see if I could keep them until April 5, which would be 1 month after the wedding. But unfortunately I had to get rid of them a few days prior. They were just too pitiful. :(

Day 86:
My friend Michelle was housesitting for spring break, which included taking care of a cat, and I thought this picture was particularly special considering she does not like cats. But I was pleased to see her taking time to pet the overly-friendly-overly-talkative kitty anyway. :)

Day 87:
I admit that I had to stop briefly while driving along the dike road after work so I could get this picture of the Resort. I love this view and even though it is slightly out of my way when leaving work, I often drive over the dike road because I love the view so much. :)

Day 88:
I have taken up ballroom dancing! I don't claim to be good at it (I'm not!), but I am learning. I tried to get a picture using my cell phone camera, but it is not the greatest. Oh get the idea. :)

Day 89:
Early spring means construction season, and this year is no exception. I was stopped at a stoplight the other day on a road that is going to soon be widened, and while I was stopped I happened to look up through my sunroof and this is what I was. I thought it looked kind of cool. It doesn't look as cool in the picture, but it is still an interesting picture of a new power pole being installed.

Day 90:
I went to Fred Meyer to get limes and came away with limes, mangoes, and pears. I thought the citrus looked particularly colorful and fun.

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