Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Review: The Mercy (Beverly Lewis)

I am a fan of Beverly Lewis novels, and Amish fiction in general. I have enjoyed the previous two books in Lewis’s The Rose trilogy and was quite excited for the release of The Mercy, the third and final book in the trilogy.

The first two books have followed the stories of sisters Rose Ann and Hannah (who goes by the nickname of Hen). Rose Ann is a single young woman who is fully engrained in the traditional ways of the Amish. Hen, on the other hand, has gone the way of the world, even going so far as to marry an “Englischer.” In the earlier books we learn about Hen’s struggle as she realizes that she really is Amish through and through. The Mercy opens after Hen’s husband, Brandon, has been in a tragic accident that has temporarily removed his sight. To make things easier, Hen, Brandon and their daughter Mattie Sue have moved to Amish country next door to Hen’s family. Brandon has always been opposed to the Amish but resigns himself to temporary life near Hen’s family. However, due to his blindness and reliance on others, Brandon’s heart begins to change. And by the end of the book I went from hating him in the first two books, to loving him in this one.

In the first two books we have also been introduced to Nick Franco, neighbor of Rose Ann and her family. He was adopted by the local bishop at a young age but never could adapt to the ways of the Amish and eventually after a tragic incident, he left the Amish and most were sure he would never look back. Of course, not surprisingly, Nick does come back on the scene in this book.

I enjoyed this book because it nicely tied up the story of Hen and Rose Ann. However, I found the book to be extremely predictable. I don’t know if I have just read enough similar books to know how they typically end, but I pretty much knew exactly how this book would end long before I got to the last page.

However, I still enjoyed the book and if you are looking for a relaxing read on a chilly fall day, I can recommend The Rose trilogy by Beverly Lewis.

Note: This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I received no compensation (other than a free copy of the book!) for my review.

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