Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Chase, by Jennie Allen

I recently had the opportunity to review Jennie Allen’s newest DVD Bible Study, Chase. This study comes with a leader’s guide (lead) and study book (study), along with a DVD (see) and cards with discussion questions (ask). There are seven lessons that will take you through a study of David, a man after God’s own heart.

The lessons cover topics such as “identity,” “courage,” “obedience” and “surrender,” to name a few.

Each participant will need a copy of the study guide as it is basically a workbook and participants will go through the week’s lesson before coming to Bible Study (yes, it’s homework….but it really doesn’t take a ton of time!). There is a brief lesson to read through, and then several activities each week to apply what you are learning. Some weeks you may be writing answers to short questions, or writing your reflections on what you have read and some weeks you may be drawing pictures – or some combination of those activities. I find the variety of activities to be helpful and make the study more interesting.

When your group gets together you will be watching a brief segment from the DVD, approximately 10 minutes in length. You will also be discussing what you learned during that week’s homework, and then using the discussion cards. The cards  provide some great starters for conversation.

If you have completed Jennie’s previous study, Stuck, you will find the format of this study to be very similar. My small group is in the middle of Stuck right now, but had to take a break for a couple months due to one of our members planning a wedding and helping with plans and prep...I am eager for us to get back into the study. I am also looking forward to going through Chase with my small group as I know we will be challenged and will learn and grow through the study.

Disclaimer: I received this study free of charge courtesy of the Booksneeze program and was not required to give a positive review. Thanks, Booksneeze!

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