Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow Friday!

Twitterers do "Follow Friday," and I thought I'd do something similar on my blog today by sharing two of my favorite blogs.

A Thousand Little Choices
I've only spent a few hours total with K, the author of A Thousand Little Choices, but if she didn't now live all the way across the country I'm confident we would be coffee buddies at least occasionally! K is very real as she shares her adventures with her new husband and their new life in Philadelphia. She is an aspiring Martha Stewart who shares delicious-sounding recipes, beautiful pictures, and a dose of encouragement. I appreciate K's writing style and her optimism about life. Even when things seem rough, she sees the positive....something I could use help with! Thank you, K, for sharing your heart on your blog. :) (and next time you are out this way...we should totally get together for coffee!)

Elm Street Life
I've never met Whitney of Elm Street Life, and I don't comment on her posts all that often, so she probably wouldn't know me from Eve, but oh how I love to visit her blog. Whitney is a creative genius who comes up with the cutest purses, jewelry, etc (which she sells on Etsy at her store, Brighter Day). She, too, writes with a contagious optimism, and she is a new mom to a precious little baby boy. I enjoy reading about her adventures and seeing her newly crafted items...I wish I was half as creative as she. Check out Whitney's'll enjoy it!

I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to visit. What is your favorite blog?


  1. I have never heard of Follow Friday but I LOVE THIS IDEA! :) I might have to copycat you. ;) You are a beautiful woman, Laura. You're an encouragement to me and I definitely agree, coffee is a must!

    1. Oh feel free to copy the idea. I copied it from others. It's kind of fun to share some of your favorite blogs....I think I shall do it again sometime! :)


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