Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Adventures

As my last post said, spring is here! And yes, that is a very good thing. Although, I did see a little bit of snow in the forecast for the next few days. Oh well, the weekend was lovely, although a bit rainy for a couple days, and I am feeling quite certain that spring will come!

I had a really fun weekend. On Friday, after work, I went downtown with a friend of mine. We got coffee at Starbucks and then walked around the boardwalk and along the lake for quite awhile. It was sunny, it was the warmest it had been in months, and the sunset was absolutely breathtaking. I, of course, had my camera handy, and we stopped along the lake for a bit so that I could take some pictures (of course!). I have decided that I am addicted to taking pictures. :-)

On Saturday I went to Spokane, Washington, with the same friend where we went to a Big Horn Outdoors Show. I saw the most camo I have ever seen in one place at one time in my entire life (*grin*), and it was fun looking at different things (and sampling buffalo jerky!) but the best part of the whole thing (and one of the reasons I agreed to go -although don't get me wrong, the whole thing was great fun!) was the Dock Dogs. I am completely inspired. People bring their dogs and they keep their dog at the end of a dock while they throw a toy into a big pool. The dog then runs down the dock at full speed, and is supposed to jump into the pool and the goal is to see how far the dog jumps. It's quite nice when it works correctly. :-) However, there were some dogs who came to the end of the dock and slammed on the brakes. "Why should I jump in there?" was the look on their faces. :-) Our black Lab, Reba, loves water, so I have decided I want to see if Reba will do dock jumping this summer, because I think she would be really good at it. I tried to take some pictures of the Dock Dogs, but they didn't really turn out, so I won't bother sharing them here (they are really dark and hard to see).

Another cool part of the show was the fact that they had 4 black bears there. They were, obviously, in a big cage, but I think they were performing later in the day -we didn't stick around that long. However, when we were there some of the bears were sleeping, and two of them were playing and wrestling with each other - they were so cute!

After the show in Spokane we headed back to Idaho where we got some lunch, but before lunch we stopped by the Post Falls Dam, which was amazing last year and is amazing again this year. I took a video of the falls:

Isn't that amazing? It is, obviously, even more amazing in person, and when they open all the big gates and the entire thing is open, it is very impressive - I got to see that last spring.

Sunday was uneventful - I went to Church and did homework, so nothing much to report there! So that is the latest in the Life of Laura. :-)

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