Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm In Love. . .

. . .with Michael Bublé (and, of course, his music!). (I had you for a second with the title, didn't I?!)

For those of you not familiar with the greatness that is Michael Bublé, let me introduce you.

Michael Bublé is a Canadian singer, but he actually took Italian citizenship in 2005. He takes a lot of older songs by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, to who-knows-who-else, and a whole variety of others - songs such as "You Don't Know Me," "Feeling Good," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Save the Last Dance For Me," - and puts a fresh spin on them. Most of his songs have a jazzy/swing feel to them. He also writes some original songs, which are amazing as well.

Anyway, Michael Bublé just released a new album on October 9 entitled Crazy Love, and I am planning to make a trip to Target tomorrow, in the hopes that the album is still on sale so I can buy it. :) In the meantime I have contented myself with listening to the songs from the CD on YouTube. So far there are several that I can't stop singing in my head.

But instead of me trying to sell you on Michael Bublé, here are two of the songs from his newest album. If you like what you hear, look him up on YouTube. There's plenty more out there. :)


The Title Song, "Crazy Love"

And an original composition, the first single from this album, "Haven't Met You Yet." (And I'm pretty sure he must have had a blast recording this promo video!)

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