Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Day In My Life!

YLCF Blog Carnival

A blog that I frequently visit, the Young Ladies Christian Fellowship, is having a blog carnival today! Each of the five or six regular contributors to the blog has done a "Day In My Life" post, and they have encouraged their blog readers to do the same, and, ultimately, share their links on the blog so all the other readers can peek into their day. While I can't share my blog link on the website due to my privacy settings, I thought I might still do a similar post, just for you wonderful readers. So, here is a peek into my day this past Monday, October 26.

Morning always comes too early, but it seems that it especially does so on Monday mornings. This morning was no exception. It didn't help that I had trouble falling asleep the night before! At precisely 6:45am my radio turned on and the friendly voice of the DJ on 104.9 greeted me. I, being the polite listener that I am, promptly rolled over and hit the snooze button, hereby allowing myself another 7-minutes of blessed rest. 6:52 comes around, and I, once again, roll over and hit snooze, ignoring the fact that I really enjoy hearing the weather report as soon as I wake up, and it typically comes on about this time. Another 7-minutes to try to wake up. At 7:00am my cell phone alarm goes off (yes, I know that there is a chance I'll hit snooze subconsciously and sleep through my alarm, so I set two). It normally plays a song (the 7am alarm is set to Keith Urban's Days Go By), but lately I have purposely set it to vibrate, because a loud song isn't exactly the best thing to wake up to. Needless to say, I continue to have a hard time getting out of bed (a warm bed with a down comforter is hard to get out of!), but by 7:10 or so, I finally convince myself I had better get going, and climb out of bed. I have found that by taking a shower the night before, I can enjoy these precious few extra minutes in bed in the morning.

My first order of business every morning is to greet my two beloved furry friends, Cody & Reba. Both are so excited to see me every morning, that I almost wonder if they half-expect me to not get up in the morning, so they are excited that I decided to. After petting them, telling them goodmorning and also greeting my parents, it is time to quickly get ready for work. I rush around to pick out the perfect warm outfit (it's pouring rain!), which, today is some cute brown casual pants, a black long-sleeved t-shirt and a black fleece vest. I also decide to wear my rubber Crocs, but later decided that was a bad idea in the rain! I hurry to get dressed, put my contacts in, make my hair look decent, make my bed and put makeup on (not a lot!). Pretty soon it is time for breakfast, which Reba joins me for every morning. This morning it is a bowl of Cheerios, my typical quick morning feast. After a hasty breakfast I brush my teeth, grab my red winter coat for the first time this year, pull the hood up over my head, grab my coffee mug and some apple cider mix, and make a mad-dash to the car, getting quite wet in the process. One problem with working so close to my house, is that my car doesn't begin to warm up until I am turning into the parking lot. So my chances of drying off before I get to work are slim. :)

I arrive at work, exactly at 8am on my clock, a couple minutes after on the clock that matters. I'm still convinced that the clock at work is not synchronized properly - everyone at work agrees with me - but there is nothing we can do, and nobody cares if we show up a couple of minutes after 8. I clock in, and head into my cubicle, where I turn my computer on and get ready to start my work day. I am not a huge fan of Mondays. . .there's usually a lot of emails to be read - many of them junk - and you can just tell that everybody wishes the weekend was a bit longer. I check my email, decide what my game plan will be for the day, and then I decide to make myself some hot chocolate to try to wake myself up further, warm myself up, and because hot chocolate on a very wet, rainy Monday, sounds like a perfect idea. My cup of hot chocolate prepared, I set to work on my tasks for the day.

Around 12:50 I head home for lunch. Because I work about 5 minutes from my house, I often head home for lunch. My dogs run to greet me in the driveway (of course!) and then we all head in for lunch. Today I enjoy two cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches on white bread. They are delicious. I head to my bedroom where I proceed to eat lunch and check in with the Facebook world. I enjoy relaxing for about an hour, and then it's back to work to finish up my tasks for the day. Today also happens to be my friend Aley's birthday. Aley is one of my best friends from California, and since I can't say Happy Birthday in person, I decide to leave her a video message on Facebook (something I recently learned I can do) on her wall. After about 5 attempts, I finally get one I am okay with. And I post it to her wall for all to see. :) I return to work soon thereafter.

At precisely 4:58 I leave work. Normally I would stay until 5, or a few minutes after, but today my boss (the only person with keys who stayed till the end of the day) has to leave right at 5, so those of us who are still there quickly finish up and get ready to leave. I head home and again check in with my Facebook friends and take some time to relax some more. I am so tired, and it's so dreary outside, that I curl up under my down comforter until dinner time, and promptly fall asleep. I wake up in time for dinner and enjoy some BBQ chicken that my mom oven-baked. I thought it was very good, but I'm not sure the rest of my family shared the sentiment. Oh well.

After dinner I head to college group at a local church. I had attended a college group in the past at my church, but stopped going for various reasons. However, recently I have been feeling the need to spend time with more young people and to get involved with a college group again, so now I am going to this particular college group. We sing a few songs and the pull out our Bibles for our study. Eventually we're going to go through the book of Zechariah, but before we get there we've been doing some background. Tonight we are doing a chapter in Ezra, and then the book of Haggai. I can't say I've spent much time in those books before, so it is an interesting study. Afterwards we all chat over nacho cheese Mexican dip, and eventually I head home, ready for bed.

Before long it is truly time to get some sleep. I'm a night owl at heart, which means that even with my best intentions I usually get less sleep than I should, but I'm in bed before midnight (I think it was before 11:30!). I read a chapter in my Bible (tonight, because I'm eager to turn my light out to start preparing my brain for sleep, I use the Bible App on my iPod), double check both alarms to make sure they are ready for the "snooze routine" in the morning, and say goodnight to the world. I snuggle deep down in my covers, pull my comforter up tight, and quickly. fall. asleep.

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