Friday, July 2, 2010

Stars on Ice 2010

I never did post about my adventures at Stars on Ice, so I thought I should remedy that. :)

I apologize for the lack of pictures. We were not allowed to use the flash on our cameras and my little camera did not like taking pics in a dark room. Oh well. :) I did grab pictures of Sasha, Alissa and Evan from the internet so my post wouldn't be *too* lacking. :)

In late May I had the opportunity to go to Stars on Ice when the tour came to the Spokane Arena. I can't even tell you how amazing it was - the lights, the costumes, the music, the skating, and Evan Lysacek. (*grin*)

When I first heard that Stars on Ice was coming to our area, I knew we needed to go. The U.S. Figure Skating Nationals have been in town twice, and I haven't been able to attend either time. So getting to see Olympians during this performance was a must. And I was not disappointed. When four friends and I arrived in Spokane, we were quite early (on purpose) so headed to The Onion for dinner. We had never eaten there before, but I must say that their French Onion soup was delicious. I am a big fan of French Onion Soup. It is, quite possibly, one of my favorite soups ever. So I was a happy camper over dinner. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if Evan Lysacek or Sasha Cohen had also decided to have dinner at The Onion, but, unfortunately, they had not.

After dinner and a brief walk through Riverfront Park we got in line to enter the arena. This, in itself, was torture because they played an ad for the upcoming Carrie Underwood concert no fewer than 6 times. Did I mention that I really, really, really (REALLY) wanted to go to the Carrie concert, but didn't try to get tickets in time? Yeah. Hearing the ad was torture. But I was too excited about the skating festivities to care *too* much. :)

We finally got our seats and then got *really* excited. Before long the lights dimmed and the skaters were introduced individually. This was all fine and dandy, but they did not introduce Evan Lysacek during this time (can you tell that he is the skater I most wanted to see?). I was beginning to get worried. But I was excited to see skaters such as Sasha Cohen, Todd Eldredge, Alissa Csyzni, Jeremy Abbott and Tanith Belbin/Ben Agosto, so all was not lost.

After a variety of group numbers and some individual numbers (all of which were very well done!!), and some guitar playing by Ben Agosto (he played the Olympic theme song on his electric guitar - SO COOL!), the music began to play and Olympic Gold Medalist and Dancing With the Stars Runner Up Evan Lysacek was introduced to a screaming crowd. I guess I wasn't the only one who really wanted to see him. :) He was AMAZING. My only disappointment is that a) he only got to skate one solo number and everyone else skated two (I'm sure that had to do with the fact that he had been really busy with Dancing with the Stars, so couldn't do too much with the Stars on Ice tour), and b) he skated to Michael Jackson. However....I will give him credit: he totally dressed the part - one white glove, black pants, white shirt, etc. And he was amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing. :)

Another highlight was Jeremy Abbott skating to a Michael Buble song. I love Michael Buble and I also became a fan of Jeremy Abbott's during the Olympics. Perfect combo to me. :)

Eventually (far too soon) the show was over, but it was amazing and I'm so glad I got to go. I really want to go again next year! :)

I did find a couple videos from the Stars on Ice people that they had posted on YouTube of some of the performances. Here you go! Unfortunately the Jeremy Abbot routine (skating to Michael Buble) was unable to be posted.

Evan Lysacek - Man in the Mirror

Todd Eldredge - I Want You To Want Me

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