Friday, July 9, 2010

Tell Me Why. . .

Why is it that when you spend about 3 hours at the lake on a hot sunny day, everywhere you really don't want to get sunburned/tanned ends up beet red, and everywhere you wouldn't mind a little color ends up white as a sheet?

Yep, happened to me today. My arms and legs? Still white. I wouldn't mind tan arms/legs. My neck and shoulders? Red. I wouldn't care if they stayed white. I even used lots of sunscreen. Everywhere. Arms. Legs. Neck. Back. I'm sure that explains the lack of color on my arms and legs. But my neck and shoulders? Really? Oh well. At least this time my ears and nose aren't quite as pink as they like to get.

It was well worth the time spent with friends at the lake. After the initial shock, the water felt quite comfortable. And I hope to go back soon for more summer fun. :)

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