Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project 365: Days 147 - 151

Day 147: My dog was just too cute when curled up on the blanket after our American Idol Finale Party that I couldn't resist sharing this picture. He was so content to just lie there I hated to send him to bed. Of course, we all know what he was *really* hoping is that some crumbs would fall off the table and into his mouth!

Day 148: I went to see a fantastic stage version of The Miracle Worker at a local theatre. Wow, was it good! The acting was fabulous and I forgot I was at a play most of the time. It was directed by local resident Patty Duke who herself starred as Helen in the original movie and as Annie Sullivan (opposite Melissa Gilbert) in the later version of the movie. Goodness, I was impressed. :)

Day 149: My uncle has been initiating family video chats with my grandmother, my cousins, and us. It's been kind of fun so I decided I should take a "family picture." It's not the greatest picture....so maybe next time I should make them all pose and smile first. lol

Day 150: Happy Memorial Day! I went to a BBQ and truly, only in Idaho do you wish you had your wool coat at a "summer kick-off" type BBQ....it was freeeeeezing!

Day 151: Apparently the lighting was too harsh to show off the true beauty of these flowers....they really are pretty purple tulips that I see on my way in and out of work every morning and evening. :)

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