Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365: Day 16

Day 16: Our weather during the latter part of last week was rather abnormal for January. Instead of being the frigid temperatures we expect (and what we experienced at the beginning of last week), it was a balmy 50-degrees outside. It felt lovely. I spent the day with friends after church. We went to lunch, and then walked all over. Eventually we went out to Higgin's Point which is a good spot for watching bald eagles. We noticed it smelled kind of odd out there and realized eventually that the shore was littered with dead salmon. So I thought that would make a, well, "different" sort of picture for my daily shot. :)

**Edited to add: My friend Abe informed/reminded me that the salmon are kokanee, nicknamed blueback. Thanks, Abe. :) **


  1. Oh man now fish are dying too? Lol.

  2. Well, my friend explained that this is just what happens with salmon. They die after spawning. Or something like that. Apparently where we were at just happens to be a popular place for them to wash up onto the shore. It stunk. Stank. Or whatever the word is. =) But yes, for a minute there, when I saw them, I figured it was like the mass bird deaths lately.... :) lol


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