Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365: Day 24

Day 24: You may or may not be aware that I used to work at our local Great Harvest Bread Company. I in fact, I worked there for 3 years. While working there I, of course, got to taste all the different breads. My favorite, hands-down is the Cinnamon Chip bread. I haven't had anything quite as good. I went in yesterday to say hi so some of my former co-workers, since I hadn't been in there in months and was able to get a loaf of Cinnamon Chip bread. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I assure you. :) I meant to take a picture in the store (it is an old house converted into a bakery) but I forgot until I was already back out in my car. Next time, for sure!


  1. Sounds delicious. That makes me want to stop at our Great Harvest Bread Company and pick up a loaf!!!

  2. You should! It is the best bread ever. :)


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