Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Me At The Fair!

It's rodeo time!

I love the fair. But I also love the rodeo. Normally when I go to the rodeo, it is so crowded that we watch a little bit from the sidelines, but can't see much, so don't stay long. This year some friends and I got to sit in box seats in the grandstands. And we had a fabulous view.

The flag-bearing cowgirls road in for the opening ceremony. I thought it was particularly awesome that they began the rodeo with prayer, asking God to bless the rodeo and asking that He would be glorified through it. That almost made me cry.

The flag bearers entered, next, with their gigantic American flag. The Doo Wah Riders sang the National Anthem. Again, very awesome. We also listened as the Canadian National Anthem was sung, in honor of our neighbors to the not-so-distant north.

And then the rodeo began. Bucking broncos, barrel racing, calf wrangling. . .it was all there. And it was awesome.

Of course, the rodeo would not be complete without the Rodeo Clown and his trusty steed. This horse was talented! It knew its age, and could dance. It was very fun to watch him perform!

This is the guy whose voice we heard a lot of during the rodeo. :)

Our friendly rodeo clown kept us all entertained throughout the rodeo. He really was a character. And he could clog, too, even with a cup of water on his head - that did not spill!

Calf roping seemed to be one of the events that gave the cowboys the most trouble. Only a couple actually passed that "test." The cows had to stay still for 6 seconds after being tied up. Most of them did not stay still that long.

There were lots and lots and lots of cowboys in attendance at the rodeo....most of them were from Montana or Wyoming, but a few were from Arizona, California, Idaho and Washington...and one was even from Hawaii!

They rode horses....and a multitude of other rodeo "sports."

They also took quiet moments to pause and think.

I did not know that only females compete in barrel racing. There were some amazing cowgirls out there!

After the rodeo, we made our way around the rest of the fair, and stopped to check out the sheep. This ram seemed to smile at me when I took his picture.

And this cow seemed like such a sweet animal....

All in all, the fair and rodeo were very fun events and I am already looking forward to next year!

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  1. Great pictures. I especially enjoyed them since I missed the fair this year.


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