Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

As if our temperatures weren't supposed to make this week enough of a Weather Extremes week....we are currently under a blizzard watch! Yep, from 7pm tonight until about 10am tomorrow, there is a high chance of blizzards and lots of snow. This winter just keeps getting more and more exciting, doesn't it?! The thermometer is currently reading 9-degrees, and it keeps dropping. Stay tuned to find out how cold it gets overnight. Although...tonight is warm compared to tomorrow's predictions, folks...but regardless, shorts & flip flops weather is over...bring on the scarves, snow hats and winter coats!

I'm off to turn on my space heater in my bedroom to make things toasty warm before I climb under the covers for the night! Good night, folks!


  1. Aiyiyi! Soo not jealous of you guys!!

  2. And I just saw on the internet that there is a chance of another 8-10" between Thursday to Friday night. Yikes!


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